Comfortable functional solutions in combination with the best technical solutions and top-class materials create a unique space to live in Wojszyce in Wrocław.

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Unique houses in Wojszyce

Gerberowa is a cosy housing estate of energy-efficient semidetached houses, located in the south of Wrocław, in the very centre of the prestigious Wojszyce district.

The houses were designed giving each of them an individual character, the inspiration in the process of creation were simple modernist forms and the architecture of the Werkbund. Comfortably functional with prime technical solutions, along with large glass surfaces and top-class materials create a unique living space.

We invite you to acquaint yourself with the construction project catalogue, including room layouts and our finishing standard.

We invite you to acquaint yourself with the construction project catalogue, including room layouts and our finishing standard.

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Everything within walking distance

The location of the investment among the existing urban tissue makes it a friendly place for the life of the whole family. The proximity of the centre, main communication junctions, a wide range of services as well as schools and kindergartens will be appreciated by every household member.

Primary School - 350m

Kindergarten - 650 m

Post Office - 1200 m

Hospital - 2200 m

Main Railway Station - 4900 m

Dominikański Square - 6100 m

Assets of the investment

Each of the houses has 150 m² of carefully thought-out space, including two residential floors. The modernist shape of the building, characterized by a flat roof, allowed for the full functionality of the floor area. Due to the applied construction solutions, it is possible to freely arrange the rooms on the first floor, where practically all internal walls can be rebuilt or removed.

In each of the houses there are two bathrooms, with the possibility of arranging a third one. On the first floor there is a spacious bathroom with an area of 11 m2, lit by two energy-saving windows. This resulted in a unique, bright space, ready for the latest interior design trends and exceptional comfort of use. The bathroom on the first floor can also be divided into two fully functional bathrooms, one belonging directly to the master bedroom and the other, accessible to the other rooms on the first floor. A functionally designed smaller bathroom on the ground floor is a possibility to ensure full comfort for guests while maintaining the intimate character of the space.

On the first floor, there are four well thought-out bedrooms with surfaces and location of partition walls ensuring full comfort of use. The master bedroom has a private walk-in wardrobe. All bedrooms have panoramic floor-to-ceiling glazing, 270 cm high.

Gerberowa is equipped with low-temperature underfloor heating in each of the rooms. This solution is characterized by high comfort of use and space arrangement undisturbed by radiators. Low-temperature underfloor heating heats the floors to room temperature so that the heat is barely perceptible. It is also a perfect solution for allergy sufferers as there is no circulating air movement caused by traditional wall-mounted heaters, heated to approx. 60 degrees Celsius. Due to the low temperature, there is also no dry distillation of organic dust, characteristic of radiator heating, during which irritating substances such as ammonia may be released.

Large, panoramic glazing is an inseparable part of modern architecture. Avoiding the compromises and simplifications present on the market, we decided to use aluminum joinery, thus obtaining the possibility of making windows to the entire height of the rooms and installing glass panes with dimensions unheard of on the development market. In all bedrooms and in the living room, we have designed three-pane glazing from the floor to the ceiling. In the living room, we have designed a 6 m long and 2.75 m high garden window. In addition, each house in the Gerberowa investment is equipped as standard with electrically operated external roller shutters in all windows.

Gerberowa is a technical solution designed to provide users with maximum comfort. We have equipped the hot water installation with an efficient circulation pump ensuring access to hot water immediately after unscrewing the tap, which clearly improves the comfort of use and contributes to saving water consumption.

Mechanical ventilation is designed to constantly exchange air in the house, ensuring a feeling of airing and freshness all the time, which positively translates into the comfort of living at home. The task of the built-in heat recovery (recuperator) is to ensure that the ventilation process takes place in the most energy-efficient way, "passing" the temperature of the exhaust air to the supply air, thus there is no possibility of unfavorable cooling of the rooms. As an option, it is possible to install an electro-ionization anti-smog filter, which allows filtration of 99.95% of solid particles, and thus eliminates smog throughout the house.

Complementing ecological solutions in your new home is the maintenance-free Mitsubishi® heat pump, a world leader in this field. The effect of its use is more economical and efficient work, which translates into lower bills for heating the house and domestic water. Thanks to this solution, you do not have to worry about gas leaks, and in addition, the use of a pump has a better effect on the environment and reduces the phenomenon of smog in the city.

As a standard, our houses are equipped with a 4kWp photovoltaic installation made with the use of SolarEdge optimizers, ensuring efficient operation of the installation and real-time preview of energy production. At the customer's request, the installation can be expanded with another kWp. The use of a photovoltaic installation with simultaneous heating of houses with heat pumps is an excellent composition that reduces operating costs to a minimum.

  • 150 m² powierzchni

  • Trzy łazienki

  • Cztery sypialnie

  • Ogrzewanie podłogowe w całym domu

  • Duże przeszklenia

  • Instalacja wody ciepłej z cyrkulacją

  • Wentylacja mechaniczna z rekuperacją

  • Nowoczesna pompa ciepła

  • Instalacja fotowoltaiczna w standardzie


Freedom of arrangement

At the stage of designing the architecture and structure of the building, we took into account the fact that each of us differs in terms of needs, which additionally evolve. The use of monolithic ceilings with high load capacity allowed us to reduce the load-bearing walls to a minimum, and most of the partition walls of the ground floor and first floor can be rebuilt or removed at the investor's request before construction acceptance, or in your own capacity, in the future, when your expectations or needs change.

Spacious living room with a kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. The combined area of the living room and kitchen gives a total of 48 m², providing the possibility of being fully equipped with all necessary elements. The large space and width of the kitchen allow the installation of a kitchen island or a bar with seats ideal for morning talks over a cup of warm coffee. The over-worktop, panoramic kitchen window with a width of 2.5 m provides excellent lighting for counters with a total length of up to 8 meters. An additional advantage of the kitchen is the possibility of arranging it in various ways, from a separate kitchen to an open kitchen with an adjoining dining room. Examples of possible arrangements can be found in the investment catalogue.

Master bedroom with wardrobe

The main bedroom has been designed in a way that allows easy positioning of a comfortable double bed with bedside tables and a cosy armchair or chest of drawers. The wall opposite the bed has been equipped with the necessary RTV cabling and internet socket for the installation of a TV set. The bedroom is connected with a private wardrobe that can accommodate deep wardrobes, and the whole will be completed with the possibility of separating a dedicated bathroom, creating a space independent of the rest of the house.

Entrance zone

The entrance area is the prestige and the hallmark of every home. The entrance area is emphasized by external lightings such as modern garden lamps as standard, and discreet illumination of the façade surface at the front and the back. We also used a wide entrance door with a side transom with a total width of 180 cm and a height of 270 cm, with a stainless-steel handrail, emphasizing the modern and sublime character of the house.

Roof terrace

The optional roof terrace offers the possibility of creating additional space for relaxation and rest. The terrace is a perfect place for breakfasts, sunbathing during the day, and a unique place for an evening dinner with friends. 30 m2 of its surface will provide enough space to create your own cosy place.


Optionally, there is a place for installing a modern fireplace in the living room. Its climate, not only in winter, adds warmth and glow to the room, as well as a unique atmosphere of relaxation.

Central vacuum cleaner

We can optionally equip our houses with a central vacuum cleaner. No more carrying the vacuum cleaner upstairs and battered wall corners, our home will be free from dust coming out from regular vacuum cleaners as the central vacuum unit blows dirty air outside the building.

Site development

Quality, prestige, and comfort can be only achieved with the comprehensive implementation of each element of the estate and attention to the smallest detail.

Contrary to the trends prevailing on the market, Gerberowa includes full land development as a standard, lighting of the facade and doorway to the building with the use of advanced lamps, as well as doorways and driveways made of natural granite cube. Additionally, plantings of vegetation will be carried out, and the biologically active area will be sown with grass. Underground, discreet waste containers are located at the entrance to the investment area, which further enhances the aesthetics of the estate.

Energy-efficient house

One of our priorities is low primary energy consumption. In our investment, we have used several solutions that, although invisible at first glance, significantly reduce energy consumption by eliminating the so-called thermal bridges.

External window blinds have additional Aluthermo Quattro® thermal insulation. Underfloor heating, installed in each room (also in the garage), is powered by a Mitsubishi® air-to-water heat pump with an additional water tank.